1Advisory -Supply Chain Consultancy
Consultancy services for both forward as well as reverse supply chain
2Initial Scoping and RFP
We will sift through hundreds of suppliers and zero down on a few potential ones and once you are satisfied, we will run effective Request for Proposals
3Supplier Evaluation
We will evaluate the supplier for capacity, delivery reliability, conduct factory visits to set your mind at rest
4Due diligence
China legal documentations can be confusing, so we will check the suppliers business licenses, tax certificates, export licenses and certifications like ISO, OHSAS to zero down and eliminate fraudulent suppliers
5Supplier Selection & Negotiations
We will walk you through the entire transparent selection process and negotiate the best TCO (Total cost of ownership) for your business
An oft ignored method, we can run eauctions for improved transparency
7Supplier Relationship Management
During the term of the contract, we will maintain and manage your relationships with the suppliers
8Contracting documentation
RFP, NDA, LOI, T&C, … - confused..?! We manage all the documentation – nothing is over till the paper work is done
9Strategic Sourcing
Using our experience in indirect and direct sourcing as well as manufacturing and logistics, we can assist you to run your business in smoother ways
Recruiters - You can gain access to our network and we will assist you get in touch with our contacts in the industry build over 27 years. Best of all, this is a free value add : we know that when our network prospers, so will we.
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