Suresh Varma


Based in Beijing / China, I have more than 25 years of corporate experience with Fortune 500 companies like Philips, Nokia and Microsoft in the realm of Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Direct Sourcing and Indirect Sourcing, basically the entire supply chain.

You can see some of my certifications here or read what my references have to say about my working style here.

Cathy Zhang

China Advisor

Experienced sourcing professional with 15 yrs experience in both direct and indirect sourcing with diverse categories like Ecosystem, Travel, Facilities, IT, Professional Services and Marketing. Expert in sourcing process, tools and supplier management.

Currently Sr. Sourcing Manager with China’s largest taxi aggregator Didi Taxi. Previous experiences in Nokia, Microsoft and Baidu.

Shuo Yang

China Advisor

Currently Sourcing director at Sfong China.

Over 18+ years of experience in the rapidly growing Chinese industry with experience in software sourcing, mobile, wireless as well as value added services running R&D development projects along with program management

Proven track record in in executing marketing program, fostering operator collaborations and driving Industry Alliance.

He brings his invaluable experience in the sourcing area to guide this project for effective supplier selection, supplier management, contract negotiation and project operation

Foy Song

China Advisor

Currently Sourcing director at Sfong China.

Currently Director Indirect Procurement at Pearson China.

Foy is passionate about sharing industrial best practices with key presentations delivered at GCC; JFPS and GSCC Shanghai as well as Value Eye Beijing.

With more than 11 years experience in the indirect sourcing space in China, Foy bring his wealth of experience to support this project


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